Inscents Waterfall Burner with 10 Free Cones
Inscents Waterfall Burner with 10 Free Cones
Inscents Waterfall Burner with 10 Free Cones
Inscents Waterfall Burner with 10 Free Cones

Inscents Waterfall Burner with 10 Free Cones

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Create a calming, stress-free, peaceful environment with our beautiful waterfall incense burner. Our Waterfall Incense Burner reduces stress levels by creating a calming atmosphere.

We know how beneficial burning incense can be to reduce your stress levels and help promote a tranquil, relaxing atmosphere.

Day to day life can be stressful, unwind and relax with our Waterfall incense burner.

Plus we've included 10 FREE Incense cones so you can start using you burner as soon as you receive it.

Do you love to burn incense sticks, but hate the mess they make? Are you looking for something more visually stunning than the traditional incense? At Restore Body and Soul we have the perfect solution, Our #1 selling Waterfall incense burner enjoyed by 1000’s of happy Australian customers.

Create The Ultimate Relaxing Environment




Made from high quality porcelain this handcrafted burner creates a peaceful atmosphere to any room of your house, office and more. Making the perfect gift with its beautiful appearance and unique back flow smoke, creating a calming, relaxing environment anywhere. The smoke follows the aesthetic route of the burner, creating a mesmerising waterfall of smoke. This aspect adds to the burner's beauty and can be a great décor for your workspace, bedroom, living room or anywhere you choose to use it. Just light one of the fragrant cones and watch the smoke as it’s drawn down to the base of the burner, creating a smoky waterfall adding real ambiance to any environment.

✔ Enhance The Mind, Body and Spirit

✔ Includes 10 FREE Cones 

✔ Ease Stress and Agitation

✔ Improve Sleep Quality

✔ Increase Calmness and Well-being

 Help Boost Immune System

 Creates a Peaceful, Relaxing Atmosphere

 Good for Yoga, Meditation or Relaxation

✔ No Messy Incense Sticks

✔ Australian Owned and Operated

✔ Easy to Set Up and Use

✔ 100% Customer Satisfaction

✔ 10000+ Happy Australian Customers 

We send the burner to you with 10 free cones so it's ready to use as soon as you receive your parcel. 



  • Light the tip of the incense cone
  • Gently extinguish the flame by blowing or fanning
  • Your cone should glow red & give off a delicate wisp of pale fragrant smoke indicating that it is slowly smoldering 
  • Check the bottom of the incense cones, they have a small hole underneath - make sure to line this up with the small hole on top of the burner when you place the cone down
  • Then wait for the incense to begin to fall

Make sure there is minimal air movement in the room to create the desired cascading effect.  

Of course, if you wish the burner can also be used to hold your favorite traditional stick incense. 

backflow incense burner waterfall

Our Waterfall incense burner is easy to clean. As it burns, the ash stays in place in the cone shape. Once burnt through, simply wait for the burnt incense and incense holder to cool down, pick up the burner with the incense cone is sitting on, and brush the cooled cone-shaped ash into the bin. 

The design of waterfall incense burners has far more variety than traditional incense burners, and the interplay of waterfall incense smoke and the delightful aromas with the burners can be quite stunning. If you have a few friends gathered around the coffee table chatting, it would be a good time to light up a waterfall incense, and together enjoy the flow of incense smoke in its mesmerizing ways.

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